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If you have a problem running CWIS, please read the following instructions. Please ensure you have Administrator rights on your machine when installing any required files.
  • Ensure Internet Explorer is used to run CWIS as this is the preferred web browser. Other web browsers may cause problems.
  • CWIS requires that the Microsoft® .NET Framework Common Language Runtime (CLR) 2.0 be installed on your computer. Click here for more information on Microsoft® .NET Framework Common Language Runtime (CLR).
  • Download and install UniBC to install the required Active X technology to run CWIS.
  • Add to your Compatibility View settings in Internet Explorer.
  • After applying the above instructions, please try running CWIS again. If you still have problems, please proceed to Step 2.
STEP 2: Please re-try running CWIS after applying each step below as not all changes may be required
  • Add as a Trusted Site in your Internet Explorer settings.
  • Running CWIS on a Windows 7 or later operating system defined with UAC = Always Notify may fail to work. To make it work, you need to change the UAC to Never Notify and run CWIS one time. After CWIS runs once, you can then change the UAC back to the original setting and use CWIS as much as you want.       
  • Some machines may need MsHtmlSetup installed for CWIS to work. If you are still having trouble, then please install this and try again.
Any further technical problems please contact:
  Glynn Flowerday:
  Andrew Taylor:
  Ian Drower: